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Woodgrane™ allows architects and designers to incorporate elements with a natural wood look and feel into interior spaces, with the benefits of non-combustibility, sustainability, and design flexibility.
Woodgrane™ is an exciting alpha gypsum based material that replicates varieties of wood including mahogany, oak, walnut, teak and pine. It is pre-finished by a unique method of applying low VOC stains and washes that accentuate the textural detail and depth of the molded grain. Non-combustible Woodgrane™ parts may be cast in a wide range of shapes allowing for design possibilities that may not be practical when using real wood.

Formglas Woodgrane™

Woodgrane™ is a material based on Formglas Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum (GFRG) which is a composite of high density, white gypsum cement material and glass fiber for reinforcement that is molded into architectural elements used for interior applications. Woodgrane™ parts weigh approximately 2 lb/ft² or 10 kg/m², depending on the depth of grain and profile. Woodgrane™ components have enhanced physical properties such as high surface hardness and flexural strength.

Woodgrane™ is installed with less supportive framing and a finished installation is almost always faster than a comparable installation of natural wood elements by finish carpenters. This provides measurable cost benefits and minimizes disruption, particularly when Woodgrane™ components are chosen for renovation of existing spaces. From an environmental perspective, the choice of Woodgrane™ protects our forests, embodies post-consumer and industrial recycled content, and yields other benefits in support of sustainable construction.

Formglas Woodgrane™

Woodgrane™ is commonly used to make ceiling beams, bulkheads, coffers, vaults, feature walls and cornice moldings. These elements can be fabricated into larger shapes more quickly than elements built by finish carpenters. The ability to make large curved components and options for a vast range of wood grain simulations and colors provides tremendous design flexibility.

Formglas Woodgrane™

Light weight Woodgrane™ ceiling elements are usually wire suspended. Other parts are attached with concealed fastening in order to provide a superior finished appearance. Between parts, joints are finished with a closely matching caulk or are designed to conceal joints. Moldings can be supplied with pre-made corners to streamline installation. Woodgrane™ parts are factory pre-finished to match the control sample approved by the architect and designer. There may be situations where it is desireable for Woodgrane™ components to be provided unfinished such as when components need to be field finished to match existing wood pieces at the job site.

Typical Woodgrane™ applications include ceiling beams, bulkheads, coffers, vaults, feature walls and cornice moldings

In North America specify Woodgrane™ under CSI MasterFormat Division 6.

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