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Palais Quartier is a new development in the heart of Frankfurt built around the historical "Palais Thurn und Taxis" built 1729 - 1739.

The project consists of the reconstruction of the Palais, along with Hotel and Office Towers and a retail complex "My Zeil" situated on Europe's largest pedestrian mall - "The Zeil".
My Zeil, Germany

My Zeil, Germany
The retail segment with its dramatic organic glass envelope that penetrates the interior has eight storey's, each themed with retail, entertainment, fitness and fun for the whole family. The floors are interconnected by a series of sixteen escalators. Formglas bid, and was contracted to supply the cladding for all the escalators designed to fit in with the organic feel of the complex

The escalators were built by Thyssenkrupp Fahrtreppen GmbH, Hamburg and Formglas material was bought and installed by Arge Ausbau Palais Quartier, a joint venture consisting of three prominent German interior fit out contractors, MBN Bau Kõln GmbH, Kaefer Construction GmbH and Mãnz und Krauss Ausbau GmbH Berlin.

To coordinate all the different conditions generated by the intersections of the escalators with the constantly changing shapes of the openings in the floors, Formglas engineering staff met with the installation team and the architects on site and resolved all technical and design issues

My Zeil, Germany

The longest escalator, an expressway, is 47m [150ft] long rising 4 floors and is the longest self supporting escalator in Germany. The cladding was made up of 75 components the largest of which was 1.8m x 2.4m
My Zeil, Germany

My Zeil, Germany First mock up assembly for owners review
My Zeil, Germany
A total of 6 containers with 436 components were shipped to the site. The project was completed on time and opened February 26, 2009.

Mock up supplied by Formglas, 2 piece construction

Locally supplied mockup light scoop prefabricated off site using framing and drywall.
In addition to the Escalator cladding, Formglas also supplied 72 inverted light scoops, each a two piece assembly 3.0m diameter.
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