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Endless Design Solutions
Formglas materials enable architects and designers to incorporate complex or simple elements that lend an exciting dimension to interior and exterior spaces. The possibilities are only limited by imagination.

Strength and Reputation
Formglas Products Ltd. is financially strong, strategically positioned, and led by an experienced leadership team. While many companies have been known to “come and go” during times of economic expansion and contraction, Formglas has five decades demonstrated know how and resilience to ensure that it fulfils its delivery promise despite challenging economic times. Your project can not afford a disruption – Formglas will be with you when the project is complete.
Collective Experience
Quite simply, no other company in our industry has a stronger, more knowledgeable team. We attract and retain the brightest minds from the fields of architecture, construction and manufacturing, and they work together in teams with our company's most experienced personnel. We are proud that many members of Formglas have more than 25 years tenure. The collective experience and training of the Formglas team means that your trust in our capacity to deliver is never misplaced.
Solution Development
We are widely acknowledged as the industry’s innovator in the advanced application of gypsum, fiberglass and cement-based technologies for both interior and exterior applications. Rather than provide “one-size fits all solutions”, our team of architecturally-trained professionals collaborates with, and advises architects and designers on, the most suitable materials, technologies and production methods to achieve the desired end result (with a focus on design, aesthetics, durability and value) for a given project or opportunity.
Driven By Innovation
Ongoing investment in R&D enables us to explore the limits of existing and new material technologies. Backed by a team with more than a century of combined experience in commercial architecture, materials such as gypsum, fiberglass, cement, applied finishes and composite products, we are able to draw upon both standard Formglas products and custom-created solutions to address most design or finishing challenges.
Shaping Possibilities
Our extensive in-house tooling infrastructure includes advanced 3D modeling software and classical sculpturing expertise through to the use of advanced five-axis CNC machines that cut dimensionally accurate and complex patterns. This technology leads to the creation of high quality molds and finished parts that when installed fit the way they were meant to.
Premium Materials
Our materials use premium materials from recognized and trusted suppliers. They are engineered for strength, durability, ease of installation and beauty. They have been tested in laboratories around the world and meet the most stringent fire and building codes for issues such as non-combustibility, flame spread and strength. Many of our products are well-suited for "green building" projects around the world because of their incorporation of recycled content and low waste yield during installation.
Consistent Quality
Embedded in our approach to quality, which is modeled after international quality standards, is a philosophy of continuous improvement. Our quality approach aligns service and production activities from end-to-end, thereby ensuring that our customers receive quality products and service on a consistent basis
Global Performance
With broad international experience and a well-established network of product marketing professionals on four continents, we understand local market dynamics, have experience transporting products around the globe, and can support multi-location material programs for international accounts in sectors such as retail and hospitality. With nearly five decades of servicing both local and international markets, we have proven our capacity to deliver over and over again.
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