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Concreet™ enables architects and designers to introduce contemporary concrete finishes and features into interiors with ease.

Formglas Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum GFRG

Concreet™, a derivative of Formglas™ proprietary QuarryCast® technology, is a solution for adding concrete finishes into existing interior spaces, or extending the use of concrete finishes where existing concrete walls and columns are exposed and featured. Concreet™ elements are manufactured with integral color pigments so that the material color extends below the surface. Natural aggregates are incorporated into a matrix of alpha gypsum cement and glass fiber reinforcement. This provides the molded Concreet™ elements with added strength and flexibility in addition to an enhanced aesthetic appearance.

Formglas Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum GFRG

Concreet™ parts may incorporate embedments of steel or wood for added strength and to provide a means for attachment, suspension and stiffening. Yet, the final material is extremely lightweight ranging from 2-5 lb/ft2 or 10-24 kg/m3, depending on the design and application. Concreet™ components are lighter than real concrete elements that require weeks of curing and may yield a final finish or color that does not meet the desired aesthetic intent.

Formglas Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum GFRG

Concreet™ is also a superior alternative to the wet, multi-step and multi-day in-the-field applications of trowelled-on faux concrete finishes. Pre-finished Concreet™ components are erected in hours in a manner akin to installing finished carpentry.

Typical Concreet™ applications include decorative walls, beams and columns.

Concreet™under CSI MasterFormat Division 6.

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