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QuarryCast® enables architects and designers to incorporate elements with a natural stone look in their design of interior spaces.
Formglas QuarryCast Material
QuarryCast® is a molded stone with a sandstone/limestone look that is available in limitless molded shapes or flat veneer panels in a range of standard earth-tone colours. Made from natural aggregates and minerals, and reinforced with alpha gypsum, and glassfibers. QuarryCast® provides a warm and distinctive appearance similar to that of natural sandstone/limestone, but the weight and installation costs will be appreciably less.

Formglas QuarryCast Material
QuarryCast® can be molded into any shape and the 5/16” (8mm) thick ‘veneer’ panels can be adhered to drywall or plywood. Most stone colours can be custom matched. Colour, shading and texture variations within and between individual pieces will lend an exciting dimension to any design.

In North America specify QuarryCast® under CSI MasterFormat Division 6 or Division 9.
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